Upcoming Talks

On the Possibility of Strong Emergent Panpsychism 

The International Congress on Emergence, Causation, and Free Will

Jointly organized by Universidad del Valle and Universidad de Cartagena 

Online, June, 2024

Russellian Monism: unlocking the mind-body problem 

The Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology

115th Annual Meeting

Cincinnati, Ohio, March, 2024

The Problem of Mental Causation: A Panpsychist Solution 

An Aspectival Approach to the Dispositional/Categorical Dichotomy

Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy 2023

University of Salzburg, Austria. September 2023

A Panpsychist Solution to the Exclusion Problem

How to Understand Ockham’s Ontological Reductionism?

The Tenth Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Saint Louis University- St. Louis. June 2023

The Immorality of Divine Self-Disclosure

First-Person Causation: A Panpsychist Proposal 


Hilton Head Island campus of the University of South Carolina - Beaufort. April 2023

 Ontological Deflationism and Metaphysical Realism!

The 58th annual meeting of the Western Canadian Philosophical Association (WCPA).

Winnipeg, Manitoba, October 2022. 

Thomas Reid and the Possibility of Metaphysics!

The 2022 Illinois Philosophical Association Conference

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, November 2022.